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Sachin Gaur

is a double master in mobile security and cryptography from Aalto University, Finland and the University of Tartu, Estonia. He has been a keen technology innovator with 10 technology patents granted at USPTO. He has also contributed chapters to four books on Innovation and Healthcare. He received the top 10 innovators award in India under IIGP 2013 and attended the Global School of Business, Stanford University, USA as an awardee. He has been actively investing in start-ups in the deep tech and Internet space. He has been part of a successful AI venture in the past and in his current role he is involved in various AI projects as an advisor.

Baltic Sea Health Region Meeting
Postdoctoral Researcher der University of Southern Denmark
mic Sachin Gaur
Technology Adviser and Tinkerer
Gründer und CEO von DocuMental, Tartu/Estland
Chairman, ScanBalt fmba, Tartu/Estonia
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