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NCHE idea sprint 2022

With the Ideensprint, we are conducting a format tailored to prospective and established professionals. This year, the joint event of BioCon Valley® GmbH, Hashtag Gesundheit e. V. and Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is dedicated to the potential fields of the health economy as a networking and discussion format. Within the framework of the idea sprint, solutions for existing challenges in the economy will be developed together. Among others, Daniel Cardinal, Head of Business Unit Care Innovation and Outpatient Care at TK, as well as Toralf Schnell, Chief Digital Officer of the University Medical Center Greifswald and Daniel Moll, Member of the Board at the career network Hashtag Gesundheit e.V., could be won as renowned topic sponsors for the discussion groups.

The discussion groups dealt with the topics:

  • "Business model changes through digitalisation",
  • "Digital Health Hub Greifswald - more than a think tank?" and
  • "Product concentration and individualisation through customer-centric offers".

Together with more than twenty young professionals, the topic mentors discussed promising innovation paths for the health economy in our federal state. The resulting suggestions in the area of "digitalisation" and "digital health hub" include the following views: 

  • making medical data more easily accessible for care and research purposes
  • Promoting innovation in the health sector more strongly and enabling it to find its way into mainstream care
  • Transferring research findings from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania more strongly into the economy and health care
  • Expand start-up opportunities and provide competent network partners.

On the topic of "Further development of prevention services", the discussants were able to agree on the following results:

  • Strengthening the (digital) integration of health prevention and everyday life.
  • Enable benefits from health insurance companies for health-promoting activities
  • Enable individual and tailor-made prevention offers
  • Promote the development of health-promoting skills more strongly

Some of the ideas are already being implemented. However, a faster implementation of change processes is generally desired, not only with regard to the content of innovations, but also with regard to career advancement opportunities.

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