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Partners and Sponsors

There are various sponsoring options available. You can present your institution with a logo in the conference flyer and on the conference website, place flags in front of the conference building, design individual pages in the programme booklet or display information material in the conference rooms and much more. 

We would be happy to put together an attractive package for you and are also open to new ideas. Have we aroused your interest? Please feel free to contact us.

Nicole Friedrich
Senior-Projectmanager Health Economy
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18119 Rostock/Germany

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Partners 2022

Premium Partner

Ameos Nord

AMEOS secures healthcare in the regions: At over 50 locations in our hospitals, polyclinics, rehabilitation, nursing and integration facilities, we are pioneers in medicine and care. AMEOS stands for comprehensive and future-proof care for the broad population in regional networks. Because for AMEOS, the most important thing is health.

Techniker Krankenkasse


Techniker Krankenkasse is Germany's largest health insurer, with more than 10 million insured. The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern regional office aims to establish our federal state as an innovation location for the health care sector. Quality and efficiency - coupled with advanced care services for our insured - are our maxims.


AOK Nordost

Networked health. 
AOK Nordost is a reliable partner for people in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. As a leading regional health insurer, we focus on customer proximity and digital transformation. Together with our partners in the health care sector, we create customized care solutions for our policyholders in a strong network.

Deutsche Kreditbank AG

DKB as a financing partner for hospitals
The Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) with its headquarters in Berlin was founded in 1990. Today, with around 4,900 employees and total assets of EUR 134 billion, we are one of the TOP-20 banks in Germany. Our offers are leading in the market and are characterised by fair conditions. More than 200 acute and rehabilitation hospitals already use our financing solutions. Our hospital experts personally support our business customers at their location.

Klinikum Karlsburg

Klinikum Karlsburg near the Hanseatic and university city of Greifswald has an excellent reputation as a specialist clinic for heart and diabetes patients. The facility offers innovative cutting-edge medicine in the diagnosis and therapy of all cardiovascular diseases, especially diseases of the coronary vessels, the heart muscle, the heart valves and cardiac arrhythmias.
As a supraregional centre, Karlsburg covers the entire spectrum of diabetology, including diabetes-associated complications. The German Diabetes Society has certified the clinic as a treatment facility for type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as diabetes in children and adolescents and as an outpatient and inpatient foot treatment facility.

University Medicine Greifswald

University Medicine Greifswald has its origins in the founding of the university on 17 October 1456, when the Faculty of Medicine was also established. Today, Greifswald University Medical School encompasses a wide-ranging spectrum of services in which 21 clinics/polyclinics, 19 institutes and other central facilities work together.

Universitätsmedizin Rostock

University Medicine Rostock - cutting-edge medicine with a heart
As the largest medical institution in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and rich in tradition, the University Medical Centre Rostock is the maximum care provider for the region. One of the largest employers in the north-east offers cutting-edge medicine from head to toe, which can hold its own in international comparison and ensures people's well-being every day of the year with modern technology and the latest treatment methods. The result is a triad of patient care, research and teaching. 


The vfa is the association of research-based pharmaceutical companies in Germany. It represents the interests of 48 of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical companies and more than 100 subsidiaries and affiliates in healthcare, research and economic policy. The members of the vfa represent more than two thirds of the entire German pharmaceutical market and employ about 80,000 people in Germany.

Genki Vital Deutschland Ltd. in cooperation with VENEX Jpn. LTD & Japan Recovery Association researches as a leading health company in the field of regeneration and develops solutions to strengthen the body's own ability to regenerate.
The Genki Vital Academy organises training courses in Switzerland and Germany, works in the field of professional health management and maintains worldwide contacts with leading universities such as Stanfort University and UCLA in California, Nippon Sport Science University in Tokyo, the Health Tech Cluster in Switzerland, the Ruhr University in Bochum and the IST in Düsseldorf via the Advisory Board.
The know-how gained in the research institutions forms the basis for future product developments.
Studies on combating stress in shift work in the nursing and chemical industries are currently being conducted in cooperation with the IST in Düsseldorf.
This is where the Genki Vital world of regeneration comes in. With the world's only effective V-TEX® regeneration fibre for textiles and its own course and training programmes, Genki Vital combats stress - scientifically proven - provides relaxation, promotes deep sleep quality and strengthens the immune system.

With kind support of

University and hanseatic city of Rostock

The Hanseatic and university city of Rostock is an important research and technology location in north-eastern Germany. As the economic heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a modern infrastructure, the city has been able to inspire numerous new, technology-intensive companies to commit to the Baltic Sea in recent years. The number of inhabitants is rising steadily, and the city is currently setting the course for further growth as a regional centre and in the context of its partners in the region.

Grünenthal Ltd.

Grünenthal is a global leader in the treatment of pain and related disorders. As a research-based, fully integrated pharmaceutical company, we have many years of experience in innovative pain management and the development of cutting-edge technologies for patients worldwide. Through innovation, we aim to improve patients' lives. We are fully committed to realising our vision of a world without pain.
Grünenthal is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and has companies in 28 countries in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Our products are available in more than 100 countries. In 2021, Grünenthal employed around 4,500 people and generated sales of €1.5 billion.

Novartis Pharma Ltd.

Novartis is rethinking medicine to help people live better, longer lives.
Novartis is a global company with a strong patient and customer focus. We focus on innovative prescription medicines and generics.
Novartis is consistently focusing on digitalisation. The leading pharmaceutical company wants to develop and distribute new medicines and innovative treatments even better and faster than before.
We are working to curb diseases such as malaria and leprosy, and on forward-looking business approaches to reach underserved patients.


Sanofi is a leading global healthcare company that helps people with their health challenges. To do this, its employees research, develop and market therapeutic solutions tailored to patients' needs. Sanofi vaccines prevent disease. The company relieves pain and suffering with innovative medicines. Sanofi cares as much about people with rare diseases as it does about the millions of people with chronic conditions.
More than 100,000 employees in 100 countries worldwide translate scientific innovation into medical progress. In Germany, there are about 9,000 employees. There are only a few healthcare companies that also research and develop innovative medicines in this country. Sanofi, with its sites in Frankfurt-Höchst, Berlin and Cologne, is one of them.
Sanofi, Empowering Life.

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