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Partners and Sponsors

Thanks a lot to our partners and sponsors of the last year's conference.

There are various partnership options available. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting involved.

Nicole Friedrich
Senior-Projectmanager Health Economy
Friedrich-Barnewitz-Str. 8
18119 Rostock/Germany

Phone: +49 381 65 07 09 49
E-Mail: nf{at}

Partners 2024

The Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) headquartered in Berlin, was founded in 1990. Today, with almost 5,000 employees and total assets of EUR 118,3 billion, we are one of the top 20 banks in Germany. Our offers are leading in the market and are characterised by fair conditions. More than 570 nursing homes and hospitals use our financing solutions. DKB experts provide personal support to business customers 26 locations throughout Germany.

Institut für ImplantatTechnologie und Biomaterialien e.V.

IIB e.V. is a university-aside research institution with the status of an affiliated institute of the University of Rostock. Based on the existing research infrastructure, the range of methods and the research achievements, the institute was appointed as a „Competence Center for Medical Technology MV“. The IIB e.V. is an independent institute in the field of biomedical engineering and is leading in the development of implants and their testing. 

University Medicine Rostock - cutting-edge medicine with a heart
As the largest medical institution in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and rich in tradition, the University Medical Centre Rostock is the maximum care provider for the region. One of the largest employers in the north-east offers cutting-edge medicine from head to toe, which can hold its own in international comparison and ensures people's well-being every day of the year with modern technology and the latest treatment methods. The result is a triad of patient care, research and teaching. 

19th National Conference on Health Economy