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18th National Conference on Health Economy

#Health2023: Innovation and Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

#Health2023 - Overview


The 18th National Conference on Health Economy took place under the title "#Health2023: Innovation and Collaboration for a Sustainable Future" on 7th and 8th June in Rostock. The conference was dedicated to key issues that are of great importance to the health economy both nationally and internationally, particularly with regard to sustainability, skilled workers and digitalisation.
Around 600 participants from various sectors of the health economy took part in the two-day event. The international participation in the conference was also impressive, with nine nations taking part. Participants from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Sweden and Switzerland travelled to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Over 110 speakers presented papers on current topics such as sustainable nutrition, exercise, regional care concepts, digital health, personnel management and innovative medical products.
Particularly noteworthy was the commitment of the partner country Ireland, whose 30-strong delegation headed by Minister of State Neale Richmond and Ambassador H.E. Dr Nicholas O'Brien took part in the conference. A specially organised "Irish Lounge" provided an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and information about the Irish health economy.
The presence of high-ranking political guests such as Federal Health Minister Prof. Dr Karl Lauterbach and Minister President Manuela Schwesig, who also opened the prestigious event, underlined the importance of the conference at a national level.
Another highlight of the conference was the presentation of the third "Baltic Sea Region Health Innovation Award", which recognises innovations in the health economy in the Baltic Sea region. 
The 18th National Conference on Health Economy provided an important platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practices for the further development of the health economy. The lively participation of national and international participants as well as the discussion of current and future challenges strengthened the networking of stakeholders and promoted new approaches to solutions.The diverse opportunities offered by the conference were greatly appreciated by the participants and used intensively to discuss the future of the sector.

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