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16th National Conference on Health Economy

#Health2021 – challenge health - time for innovation

#Health2021 - Overview


The National Conference on Health Economy, which usually attracts more than 700 decision-makers from business, politics and science to Rostock-Warnemünde every year, was planned as a hybrid congress for the first time this year. This allowed this year's conference to combine the best of face-to-face and digital events. 
The focus of the 16th National Conference on Health Economy 2021 was on crisis management, climate change and sustainability. Together with partner country Israel, one of the topics discussed was how digital technologies and artificial intelligence can improve medical care and what lessons can be learned from the pandemic, for example in the area of emergency care. Conference participants discussed the impact of climate change on health and the new challenges it poses for the health economy sector. There were also informative sessions and contributions worth knowing about the areas of "Personnel - Work - Professions" and "Start-ups - Young Professionals - Research Promotion" in the context of the health economy sector.

Dear Sir or Madam,
Corona has been on our minds since March 2020 and has made a huge difference to all our lives. I would like to thank all healthcare workers for their efforts in combating the pandemic.
It is important, especially in times of crisis, that we also address important issues for the future. The environment and sustainability, digitalization and artificial intelligence, research and crisis management are among them. We want to deal with these and other important topics at the 16th National Conference on Health Economy. We also want to discuss interesting and forward-looking approaches related to health around the areas of "Personnel - Work - Professions" and "Start-ups - Young Talent - Research Promotion." I am very pleased that we are welcoming Israel as a partner country this year, which has a lot of experience in digitalization. In particular, we want to discuss how digital technologies and artificial intelligence can improve medical care.
Lectures, panel discussions and personal talks will once again provide impetus for the search for solutions in the interests of ever-improving healthcare and the further development of the health economy sector in all its facets.
Unusual times also require unusual measures. This is what we are facing up to. For example, the conference will be held partly in person on June 3 and completely virtually on June 4. We have become very practiced at this. I am looking forward to the two days of the conference, which will once again demonstrate how firmly rooted the issue of health is in our country. We are continuing to pursue our ambitious goal of being THE country for health. The 16th National Conference on Health Economy will once again make an important contribution to this goal. A warm welcome to you all!

Manuela Schwesig
Minister President of the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The health economy is one of the largest and most important sectors for the German economy. This is impressively demonstrated by the results of the Health Economic Accounts of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

According to our figures, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is the leader in the health economy in a comparison of the German states. With almost 15 percent of the gross value added in the overall economy of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and more than 20 percent of the workforce, the state is well above the German averages.

With growth in gross value added averaging 4.4 percent per year over the past ten years, the health economy is driving economic growth in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The growth is also higher than for the German economy as a whole. The health economy is not only vital for the survival of many people; it is also a future market with high potential.

These key economic figures from the Health Economic Accounts are intended to give you a small picture of the current health economy sector. More detailed figures and analyses will traditionally be presented by the Federal Ministry of Economics at the National Conference on Health Economy.

I wish you every success and interesting presentations and discussions at the 16th National Conference on Health Economy, which is of great importance for the north of Germany and for Germany as a whole. 

Peter Altmaier
Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy
19th National Conference on Health Economy