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14th National Conference on Health Economy

#Health2018 – Brave New World?

#Health2018 - Overview


More than 700 national and international guests from the business and science sector and politics discussed trends and issues in the field of health economy. A special focus was set on digitalisation.
Important topics included, for example, securing a sustainable supply of skilled labour and training, new forms of care in rural areas, and new trends in the hospital. 
Numerous participants made use of their multiple networking opportunities – at the exhibition, at the international matchmaking event; and especially start-up companies seized their networking potential at the Business and Investors Dinner or on the presentation stage at the exhibition.
Take a look at the results of selected formats which were accompanied by graphic recording. They can be found in the download area on the right.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the 14th time, around 600 experts from Germany and abroad shall be convening this year at the National Conference on Health Economy to discuss recent trends and developments, to exchange experiences and to establish new connections in a field in which we have already witnessed great success. This year’s conference shall be running under the heading “#Health2018 – Brave New World?”

One of the focal points this year is the issue of digitalisation in the health care economy. We shall be taking stock of what we have achieved and where we need to improve. What forms of support do creative start-ups need in this field? How far have we advanced in telemedicine, for instance with the digital patient file? How do we secure confidentiality and data protection, and how can we prevent that personal exchange between patients and practitioners does not get lost along the way? All of these questions need to be resolved.

Important impulses will also be provided and solutions elaborated for other essential issues, like securing skilled and specialised staff, further education and professional development, the conception of new occupational profiles and new models of provision in rural regions, or new trends in hospital construction. It is my pleasure to serve as patron of the 14th National Conference on Health Economy. 

You are warmly invited: be there, take part, and join the discussion! And maybe you will have the opportunity to explore the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock and take some interesting and memorable impressions back home with you.


Manuela Schwesig
Minister-President of the Federal State of Mecklenburg- 

Our partner country Switzerland contributed manifold to the topics of the 14th National Conference on Health Economy in 2018.
Eleven companies provided intensive insight into the diversity of the Swiss health economy. They socialized, forged links and initiated cooperations. 
Health service provider Ameos, that is running hospitals, nursing homes and facilities enabling integration in the German-speaking region, was present. Novartis – the Basel-based, global biotech and pharmaceutical company  – explored the possibilities of cooperating with and investing in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s companies. Being the leading developer and producer of systems for injection and infusion within the scope of diabetes-related self-medication Ypsomed informed about the construction of its new factory in Schwerin’s industry park, where starting in summer 2019
150 new jobs are going to be created. Simon Michael, CEO of Ypsomed, was appointed Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s economic ambassador at the conference by the minister of economic affairs, labor and health of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Harry Glawe. 
Joint-stock company eedoctors from Berlin introduced its solution for first aid via smartphone app. Zurich-based F&P Robotics develops and produces collaborative robots deployable in industrial and service robotics, e.g. in home and outpatient care. Komed Health, also Zurich-based, showed its real time communication platform especially developed for the needs of hospitals in order to facilitate communication and collaboration among nursing teams. 
From Zurich as well were the i-engineers and walkerproject. The i-engineers introduced software for enterprise content management, workflow and process management. Walkerproject is a consultancy for the healthcare industry. 
Another consultancy was present from Lausanne. It is run by Paianet Sàrl and implements measures of optimization for hospitals. AMYRA Biotech from Basel develops a new, enzymatic treatment for celiac disease. Rheinfelden-based Tillots Pharma develops, licenses and markets innovative pharmaceutical products for the digestive tract. 
Our conference and the Swiss companies were supported by the Swiss embassy from Berlin and the Swiss consulate general from Stuttgart.

19th National Conference on Health Economy